Ergotron WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter


Sit-Stand Desk Workstation – Height-Adjustable Keyboard

Feel like the best you—at the start and end of your day with the adjustable standing desk that sets a new standard in sit-stand. The WorkFit-TX fits more people with an X-shaped lift that folds close to your desk to keep the right monitor-to-keyboard tray spacing. With an adjustable, back-tilt keyboard that sits below the worksurface, this ultra-low sit-stand workstation moves you forward with top-notch ergonomics sitting and standing.

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  • Comfortable fit
    Offers ergonomics sitting and standing with drop-down keyboard
  • No bulk
    Folds down to within 2 inches of your desk—3 inches below the other guys
  • Full adjustment
    Offers 20″ (51 cm) of vertical lift to position the keyboard exactly where you need it
  • Large workspace
    Keeps office essentials nearby from your tablet to your coffee mug
  • Stable platform
    Solid metal design lets you avoid tipping or sway
  • No assembly
    Out-of-the-box design gets you standing in minutes


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