WorkFit-SR, Dual Monitor, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation (black)


Sit-Stand Desk Attachment – Rear Clamp

Own your space while infusing movement and ergonomics with the WorkFit-SR Dual Monitor Standing Desk. This height-adjustable standing desk moves quietly straight up and down as you go from sit to stand. Take the worksurface, keyboard tray and monitor pivots to new heights to keep tall users feeling and working happy. Individual monitor and worksurface adjustment personalizes each fit.

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  • Ergonomic design
    WorkFit-S blueprint with space-saving rear desk attachment
  • Smooth adjustment
    Workstation moves easily up and down
  • Double productivity
    Supports two monitors up to 24″
  • Built-in tray
    Hugs your desktop when sitting to blend with your tabletop
  • Think tall
    Fits taller users with 23″ (58 cm) of monitor height adjustment
  • Stable platform
    Solid metal design lets you avoid tipping or sway


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