WorkFit-S, Single LD Workstation with Worksurface (black)


Standing Desk Attachment – Front Clamp

Advanced ergonomics? You got it. The WorkFit-S is our best solution for flexible and comfortable working. This height-adjustable standing desk easily attaches to your desktop and adds a worksurface that stays with you as you sit or stand. Just lift or lower the WorkFit-S and tweak the optional weight settings for no-sweat adjustment. Then individually fine-tune your single monitor mount and keyboard tray for how you work best.

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  • Bestselling design
    Our most comfortable, ergonomic solution
  • Versatile converter
    Transforms any surface into an adjustable standing desk
  • Smooth adjustment
    Full workstation moves easily up and down
  • Front surface-mount
    Fits desks flush against walls or shallow surfaces
  • Keyboard tray
    Ergonomic, drop-down position includes two tilt options
  • Personalized views
    Rotate screens 360° to match your workflow


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