WorkFit-A, Single LD with Worksurface


Sit-Stand Desk Arm

Swing for the fences and hit a home run for ergonomics with the WorkFit-A. Its large range of motion lets you swing your full workstation wherever you need it as you work independently or collaboratively, sitting or standing. Easily adjust the position of your monitor and keyboard for a comfortable fit that ergonomists approve. Discover more workspace by folding up the keyboard and moving the monitor arm aside.

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  • Versatile fit
    Designed to accommodate a wide range of users with a 20″ (51 cm) lift range
  • Think tall
    Fits taller users with a keyboard tray that stays at desktop level when sitting
  • Personalized view
    Offers an extra 5″ (13 cm) of independent monitor height adjustment
  • Quick collaboration
    Flexible arm design makes screen-sharing easy for group work
  • Extra workspace
    Complementary worksurface keeps your tablet, smartphone or notes nearby
  • Stay organized
    Cable management controls the cable chaos for a neat workspace


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