LearnFit® Adjustable Standing Desk


Mobile Student Desk

Transform classrooms, conference rooms or common areas into active spaces with flexible seating using the LearnFit mobile desk. It works as a standing desk for students ages nine through adult and pairs with a chair for quick rest breaks. Personalize how you learn or work by adding movement to the school or workday with LearnFit.

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  • Easy adjustment
    Find the most comfortable, ergonomic height
  • Flexible learning
    Choose when to sit or stand with a counter-height stool
  • Premium casters
    Quickly move to wherever you learn or work
  • More productivity
    Helps harness focus and boost creativity
  • Extra features
    Backpack hook, cup holder, tablet slot and pencil tray for a no-mess experience
  • No sweat set-up
    Assembles in less than one minute—no tools needed


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